LINKING Your Real Estate Business

The ways Optima-CRM interacts with extensions and external solutions


The Digital Agent

A new platform enabling a tight collaboration between your Agency, your Owners, and your (prospective) Clients. This extension allows for fluent communications between all parties where the Agency remains in full control at all times. Find out more...


For Sale By Owner

Innovative solution allowing traditional Agencies to convert into Real Estate Marketing Machines, tapping into a new pool of revenue. Sellers pay upfront marketing fees, whilst they finance your lead-generation machine. Learn more...


Co-Broking Platform

Mini-CRM for promotors or agencies to commercialise New Construction projects (Promotions) through an international network of agencies. This private platform takes out costly intermediaries (marketing companies) saving easily 4% on total cost of sales.


Collaborating with colleagues

Optima-MLS is the international collaboration environment allowing to connect with professionals from within your area, nationwide or even internationally. Market Place is a built-in social network.


Investment CRM

A new platform to offer your investors (persons or investment funds) a unique and personalised tool to manage available investment opportunities. Contact us to participate in the project definition.


Property Portals

Our unique way to integrate bi-directionally with portals from all over the world, makes it very easy to publish properties and capture leads in real-time from those portals.


Make it yours easily

All our solutions are White Labeled

Whether you need to create your own brand internally, for a network or group you control, or your customers, personalisation settings are only a few clicks away!

  • Use your own branding such as logos & colours
  • Create a separate brand for each office
  • Define the behaviour of functions & menus by office
  • Shine with our sophisticated solutions in your name

You drive evolution. Get involved!

We build solutions that accelerate your business

Who better than our successful clients know what's happening in their world? Hence we consider our clients 'our partners' and jointly define the next new things. Since we do this on a global scale, our users locally benefit from advanced new processes that eventually will land also in their region.

YOU get to decide

Let us know what's important in your opinion and we will seriously review it.

High implementation rate

We're known to implement around 80% of the requests we receive.

Ahead of your competitor

Thanks to the global model, you benefit early before your competitors of the newest ways to transact.

Included in your licenses

Improvements to solutions you have licensed are on top free! This way you grow together with us.


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