Co-Broking Platform


(Inter-)national commercialisation of New Construction projects.


Control Your Network

Now you can be your own Agency network, from regional to international, promoting one or more Promotions enabling other Agencies to market these project themselves.

Save on an intermediary & marketing costs, pay only commissions upon a successful sale, safeguard the identity of your promotion(s), deliver professional marketing materials to your co-brokers, and automate the leads & viewings process.

How does it work?

A mini-CRM for Co-Broking agencies in your CRM

White-labelled Portal Platform allowing you to create national and international collaborations with Real Estate agencies looking to market your New Construction Projects, whether or not being the promotor yourself.

Save big on the redundant International Real Estate Marketing Companies. Our clients embracing this innovative platform save from 4% and upwards on total sales values in commercialisation costs.

The Co-Broking Platform allows you to deliver standardised marketing materials, distributing it through your network of agencies who are marketing your projects in their local markets, bringing your buyers for only the sales commission and not their marketing costs.

Some of the advanced features:

1. Access-controlled in Optima-CRM

You define which agencies are allowed to market your Projects and whether you charge for this service. Special CRM menus exist for your Co-Brokers.

2. Marketing without the cost of it

Market in all your target markets without spending money on marketing: the Co-Broking Agencies market your Projects in the their local markets.

3. Commissions-only structure

Pay only commissions on successful sales. Marketing costs are carried by the participating Co-Broker agencies, allowing you a much wider exposure of your promotion(s); yet without the expenses.

4. Project image controlled

You control the image of your Projects through your marketing material that's made available through the Portal: Co-Broking Agencies download the materials branded in their individual brands and contact info...safeguarding the price and image while making it easy for these agencies to promote your Projects.

5. Viewings

Book viewings through the Portal straight into Optima-CRM.

6. Sales

Manage sales in CRM so the Co-Broker can follow the progress in real-time.


Frequently Asked Questions

We got the answers for you

1. How does Co-Broking sync with my Optima-CRM?

Syncing happens in real-time since it uses the same database. Your Co-Brokers have access to a mini-CRM version with specific menus and functions, giving them all the needed tools and information, whilst safeguarding data and functions that are for your eyes and use only.

2. How many Promotions do I need to benefit?

Co-Broking is interesting starting with only one promotion, yet allows you to commercialise an unlimited number of promotions and phases for each of these promotions.

3. Does it come with a network of agencies?

Since you decide with whom to collaborate and in which markets, you define your own network. Nowadays there are many agencies worldwide, seeking great new product such as yours, thus it’s rather easy to establish a trusted partner network with Co-Broking.

4. How do I sign-up a Co-Broker partner?

Adding a new Co-Broker is easy and each Co-Broking partner company has its own Co-Broking Office in your Optima-CRM account. To each Office you can then add as many users as you need. As a Master Office, you overlook all the Co-Broking Offices.

5. How many Co-Broking partner users can I create?

Co-Broking users are managed by special Portal User licenses and you can contract blocks of users, starting with a block of 100 users (which in many cases is covering the needs already).

6. Do Co-Broking licenses mix with my CRM licenses?

The special Co-Broking user licenses do not impact nor count for your normal CRM licenses. That’s great since the cost per Co-Broking user license is minuscule compared to the standard CRM licenses, allowing you to build a large network of Co-Broking agencies.

7. How can I contract the user licenses?

Simply contact our support in writing to contract Co-Broking which will be reflected in a contract addendum. Once this addendum is executed, you can hit the ground running!

8. Is there any training foreseen?

Absolutely! Although you probably will find this an easy to use extension, we like to point out the best-business practices so you can enjoy your advantageous solution optimally.

9. Can I integrate it in my website?

Yes you can place a LOGIN button and drive your clients to the login in their mini-CRM.


Make it yours easily

All our solutions are White Labeled

Whether you need to create your own brand internally, for a network or group you control, or your customers, personalisation settings are only a few clicks away!

  • Use your own branding such as logos & colours
  • Create a separate brand for each office
  • Define the behaviour of functions & menus by office
  • Shine with our sophisticated solutions in your name

You drive evolution. Get involved!

We build solutions that accelerate your business

Who better than our successful clients know what's happening in their world? Hence we consider our clients 'our partners' and jointly define the next new things. Since we do this on a global scale, our users locally benefit from advanced new processes that eventually will land also in their region.

YOU get to decide

Let us know what's important in your opinion and we will seriously review it.

High implementation rate

We're known to implement around 80% of the requests we receive.

Ahead of your competitor

Thanks to the global model, you benefit early before your competitors of the newest ways to transact.

Included in your licenses

Improvements to solutions you have licensed are on top free! This way you grow together with us.