For-Sale-By-Owner Platform

Tap into a market representing 40% of today's property sellers.


Convert your business into a marketing vehicle for real estate, increase income from owners who never contract with an agency, and let them fund your steadily growing list of qualified buyers!


Vendors & Agencies

Agencies charge a fixed amount for marketing the property through their existing marketing vehicles and do not depend on the success of the transaction.

Vendors save the high representation commission and take advantage of the powerful established marketing vehicles by the agencies, accelerating the sale of their property for a small marketing fee.

How does it work?

Minimal Efforts for Maximal Results through Automation

A white-labelled Owners Platform for Agencies that enables owners a marketing solution without representation nor commissions, against a fixed marketing fee which is not dependent on the success of the sale. While using their existing marketing vehicles, through the automated platform branded in the agency’s name & colours, Agencies can up-sell services and fatten their profit margins with the least possible amount of extra efforts.

Some of the features

for VENDORS        –        for the AGENCY

1. Commissions etc.

No commission - no exclusivity: finally a reason to contract an 'agency' yet for Marketing services

1. Access a new market segment

Contract vendors not willing to pay commissions, which currently represents about 40% of the total vendors market

2. Competition marketing property

Maximum exposure of property: a otherwise extremely costly task, yet now benefiting from the scaling advantage of an agency/marketing company

2. New type of income revenue, upfront

Charge for marketing services via same vehicles already used for the rest of the business & up-sell services: professional photos, virtual tours, keyholding, home-staging. etc

3. Do-it-yourself

Self-manage property details: upload property & photos. Interact directly with potential buyers without any delays.

3. Vendor-paid lead generation

Vendors finance the mass generation of Leads which can also be used for other transactions, making this a lucrative solution!

4. Always informed

Complete transparency and real-time statistics

4. Cost-cutting

Fully automated process: limited need for staff

5. Flexibility to still be represented

Possibility to switch to representation at any time

5. Upfront payment by bank card charge

Be paid at start & not depend on the outcome of the transaction thanks to the integrated Stripe card processing


Frequently Asked Questions

We got the answers for you

1. How does FSBO sync with my Optima-CRM?

Syncing happens in real-time since it uses the same database. Your vendors have access to a mini-CRM version with specific menus and functions, giving them all the needed tools and information, whilst safeguarding data and functions that are for your eyes and use only.

2. How do I obtain vendors not seeking representation?

The essence of such vendors is that they do not want to pay for representation yet need marketing help to attract buyers. Here you profile your business as a Marketing Machine rather than a traditional agency. Having the agency as well allows you to add maximal flexibility so vendors can always change to become represented.

3. Should I market it separate from my agency?

Each company has its own strategy, yet many choose to have a separate brand for the FSBO part of their business. It’s not unusual to have a dedicated website for that end of the business as well.

4. How do I sign-up a Vendor?

You simply drive the potential vendor to a sign-up screen where they can sign-up using an email address or choose to use their Facebook or Gmail authentication. The process is easy and logical for the vendor and creates a special user in your Optima-CRM account.

5. How many FSBO Vendor users can I have?

FSBO users are managed by special Portal User licenses and you can contract blocks of users, starting with a block of 50 users (which in many cases is covering the needs already).

6. Do FSBO licenses mix with my CRM licenses?

The special FSBO user licenses do not impact nor count towards your normal CRM licenses. That’s great since the cost per Vendor user license is minuscule compared to the standard CRM licenses, allowing you to build a large network of FSBO Vendors.

7. How can I contract the user licenses?

Vendors do all the work! There’s a dedicated sign-up screen and process, in any of the languages you wish to offer.

8. Is there any training foreseen?

Absolutely! Although you probably will find this an easy to use extension, we like to point out the best-business practices so you can enjoy your advantageous solution optimally.

9. Can I integrate it in my website?

Yes you can place a SIGN-UP/LOGIN button and drive your clients to the login in their mini-CRM.


Make it yours easily

All our solutions are White Labeled

Whether you need to create your own brand internally, for a network or group you control, or your customers, personalisation settings are only a few clicks away!

  • Use your own branding such as logos & colours
  • Create a separate brand for each office
  • Define the behaviour of functions & menus by office
  • Shine with our sophisticated solutions in your name

You drive evolution. Get involved!

We build solutions that accelerate your business

Who better than our successful clients know what's happening in their world? Hence we consider our clients 'our partners' and jointly define the next new things. Since we do this on a global scale, our users locally benefit from advanced new processes that eventually will land also in their region.

YOU get to decide

Let us know what's important in your opinion and we will seriously review it.

High implementation rate

We're known to implement around 80% of the requests we receive.

Ahead of your competitor

Thanks to the global model, you benefit early before your competitors of the newest ways to transact.

Included in your licenses

Improvements to solutions you have licensed are on top free! This way you grow together with us.