Property Portals

Bi-directionally connecting with Property Portals worldwide

Publish to Portals

Exporting your properties to a Property Portal is easy & automatic, as well is the lead-creation in Optima-CRM upon a portal enquiry!

property portals

Automatic Lead Creation

Publish to any of the portals in the world, automatically, all the properties you want to publish. Whether they are residential or commercial, for sale or for rent, we cover more than 100 portals.

Portal enquiries create leads in Optima-CRM automatically thanks to the bi-directional integration.

How does it work?

Automated publishing of properties + lead creation in Optima-CRM

Exporting properties to portals is something many systems do, yet seldomly you’ll find such a large selection of property portal connections & formats, that additionally are connected bi-directionally. The diversity of technologies is for most companies a challenge yet we are masters in integrations and these diverse technologies.

Some of the features & advantages

1. Bi-directional connections

Besides automatically uploading properties to portals, which are updated when you update any detail, all information requests on these portals will result in a realtime creation of a lead with all their details, avoiding manual work and potential errors.

2. Formats

We cover all of the major and even less-major portals in the world, in various countries, based on our user requirements. Having access to a large number of portals in diverse markets, enables a larger exposure of your properties.

3. Versions and technologies

We stay on top of ever-changing technologies and upgrades made by the diverse portals, so that you can focus on what you do best, whilst always counting on the latest technologies compatible for the best and fastests results.

4. We grow with you

In this fast-changing technological world, new portals appear, as well as your needs change, hence we continuously are integrating new and other portals, worldwide. And the best of this all: there's no cost to you as it's included in your licenses.


Frequently Asked Questions

We got the answers for you

1. Can I find the portals I need for my target market?

Most likely you will! We’re present in many countries and markets, driven by the needs of our users. In the odd occasion you do not find the portal you seek, and the portal allows for automation, we’ll make it happen for you and very fast.

2. Do you have special conditions with portals?

Yes there are special conditions with several portals, uniquely available to our users. Ask us and even if a portal does’t have any, we’ll approach them to negotiate the best deal on our users’ behalf.

3. Are there any free portals in your list?

Yes there are several free portals where you can publish to without paying anything. Obviously it doesn’t hurt to publish there yet paid portals tend to return better results.

4. What does it cost to use your portals publishing facility?

Nothing. It’s included in your user licenses and there’s no limit on with how many portals you can connect. The only thing you need is your own account with the target portal and we do the integration.

5. How frequently do you send updates to portals?

That depends on the technology of the portals. More portals nowadays have realtime connections (versus the nightly XML’s) which allow for pretty much realtime pushing of properties and updates.

6. Do I no longer receive the leads emails with the realtime lead creation?

No worries! You can keep receiving these emails, and they can be sent to one or multiple email addresses. That way you know when a new lead was already created, even when you’re not in front of a CRM screen.