The Digital Agent

Digital Agent

A digital assistant linking the Owner with the Buyer/Renter through the Agency.

3-Way Automation

Your clients demand to be more involved with the process…and you want to not only accommodate their wishes, but make your own lives easier: the Digital Agent extension is the answer!

Enable open communications between all parties, yet always under your surveillance. Provide real-time information and changes, liberating your team from tedious tasks. Simply decide who gets to see what and let the Digital Agent do the heavy lifting!

Chat in real-time or by delayed messages, cross-reference Account Profiles with your available Properties inventory, accept viewing requests, entertain offers, allow the clients to select their favourites, and much more.

How does it work?

A platform adapted to each party

Extend the power of Optima-CRM to your customers, both on the side of the property owners as the buyers/renters!

Although the key here is the integration of all data, your customers will see a simplified version, a customer-facing platform, making it most intuitive and useful to any age and level of technology savviness.

1. Optima-CRM is the basis

All data is centralised in Optima-CRM at all times, allowing you full control always. Communications between parties appears on the respective timelines of Accounts, Owners, Properties, etc.

2. Owners & Accounts own platform

Both Owners and Account have their own private access to an optimised platform made for their needs & with an optimal user experience. You control their access.

3. Owner functions

Owners can create their own properties (yet that's not a must) & make minor updates to some values. Accounts interested in their property are visible for electronic communication which is recorded in Optima-CRM while being delivered to the respective Account. Viewings can be confirmed, offers countered, etc.

4. Account functions

Accounts can create & update their preferences in their profile, generating relevant properties in real-time. Relevant properties are visible for electronic communication with their Owner (or the Agency if not an Own listing) which is recorded in Optima-CRM while being delivered to the respective Owner. Viewings can be requested, offers created, etc.


Frequently Asked Questions

We got the answers for you

1. Which Accounts do Owners see?

Only accounts who have selected a property of the owner as one of interest. This can be set by both the Account as the Agency.

2. Which Owners do Accounts see?

Only Owners of selected a properties as of interest. This can be set by both the Account as the Agency. When a property is listed by another agency (via Optima-MLS for example), your Agency will be contacted directly.

3. Which properties do Accounts see?

Relevant & available properties based on their Profile only. They can then elect to mark them as ‘interested’ or reject them, after which they will remain in a rejected properties section.

4. How can the Account's Profile be updated?

Besides the Agency, the Account can update their Profile and preferences at any moment, dynamically updating the Relevant properties list.

5. How do my Owners & Accounts obtain a user access?

You enable an Owner or Account to sign-up. The sign-up form automatically creates a user in CRM with a special role. Ultimately the Agency Admin can invoke or revoke the access.

6. How do user licenses work?

Special user licenses exist and are based on the quantity of users, whereas the more users you have, the lower the cost per user becomes. You get billed for the highest amount of users in the past month automatically. This guarantees you only pay for the amount of users you really had.

7. How can I contract the user licenses?

Simply contact our support in writing to activate the Digital Agent extension and you’re ready to go!

8. Can I personalise the Digital Agent to my branding?

Absolutely! Same as Optima-CRM, all our extensions can be personalised by you so you make the solution truly yours! Impress your clients with this sophisticated solution in your name & branding.

9. Can I integrate it in my website?

Yes you can. Drive your clients to the login from your site.


Make it yours easily

All our solutions are White Labeled

Whether you need to create your own brand internally, for a network or group you control, or your customers, personalisation settings are only a few clicks away!

  • Use your own branding such as logos & colours
  • Create a separate brand for each office
  • Define the behaviour of functions & menus by office
  • Shine with our sophisticated solutions in your name

You drive evolution. Get involved!

We build solutions that accelerate your business

Who better than our successful clients know what's happening in their world? Hence we consider our clients 'our partners' and jointly define the next new things. Since we do this on a global scale, our users locally benefit from advanced new processes that eventually will land also in their region.

YOU get to decide

Let us know what's important in your opinion and we will seriously review it.

High implementation rate

We're known to implement around 80% of the requests we receive.

Ahead of your competitor

Thanks to the global model, you benefit early before your competitors of the newest ways to transact.

Included in your licenses

Improvements to solutions you have licensed are on top free! This way you grow together with us.